The Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse goes all the way back to the Vikings when they first settled upon Iceland 1100 years ago. There haven’t been transported any Icelandic horses to Iceland ever since. This is why they are an extraordinary, strong, full-blooded Nordic horserace.

Their environments throughout those hundreds of years have made them strong and healthy. They have developed to become a useful transport through harsh terrains without roads. They travel with steady legs and will joyfully run fast if encouraged to. This ultimately makes them a strong and comfortable riding horse.

The Icelandic horse is first of all a performance horse where the biggest factors are good riding abilities. It needs to be brave and independent. This implies that it’s willingly cooperative and is easy to hold on a leech.

The Icelandic horse is a versatile riding horse for adults but is also very suitable for riding with children. It can be used for all types of riding such as forest trips, family trips, long distance trips and competitions.

The pace of the Icelandic horse is the secret to the success it has enjoyed in recent years in most of Europe and North America. Aside from the three basic paces (step, trot, gallop), which all horse types possess, the Icelandic horses have further abilities such as tölt and pas.


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