Riding Tours

Our tours take place in a lovely landscape west of the town Ringe, with the manors Boltinggård, Nordskov and Rynkebygård and small villages such as Findinge, Boltinge and Bolteskov.
This entire area used to be old farmland. In the past 20 years it has turned into a varied landscape with connecting forests, lakes and brooks which enables us to ride for hours without even touching asphalt!

Tours between 1-1,5 hours

Tours between 1 and 1,5 hour are in a landschape with a great variety. We follow tracks in the forest, an old church path and ride along Ringe Lake.

This trip is also arranged as a sunset trip. Leaving time is 1 hour before sunset.

Tours between 2-3 hours

Tours between 2 and 3 hours will typically go westward. Here we pass a wetland with lots of birds. We will go from Espe forest to the valley of Sallinge brook. Thereafter we will return by the old railroad and forest paths. During the trip there will be a break where you can stretch your legs before getting back in the saddle.

All day tour

The all day tour (5 hours) will take us to Ringe Lake and further to the forest Hestehaveskoven. We then ride southwest through Espe forest to the valley of Sallinge brook. We will have a lunch break at Tumleparken, a beautiful hilly area. Back in the saddle we continue by the old railroad track. We will pass the manor Boltingegård and finally folllow the paths in Ringe Forest.

2 days on Icelandic horses

The trip goes from the Midfunen farmland to the Southfunen “Alps” with stunning views to the archipelago. Ride by winding forest paths, through wetlands and hilly landscapes and come close to animal wild life and nature. We exclusively ride by paths and gravel roads the whole trip. Accommodation in luxury Country House.

Contact me for a talk about the possibilities. The routes can be combined and put together according to your preferences.

Practical information:

It is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes before your tour so that we can talk about the trip.

You will need to bring clothes according to the season. It is best to bring a layer too much of clothing than one too less. It is necessary to bring long pants (also in hot weather) and to wear shoes or boots with thick soles. You can bring your own helmet (a bike helmet is allright) or you can borrow one from us.

The Icelandic horse is strong, but if you weight more than 90 kg you will need another breed to carry you.

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