About MidtfynsTurridning

My name is Annette Brask and I’m a typical “horse girl”. I grew up in Copenhagen and took every opportunity to spend time with horses. As a teenager, I spent every penny to ride in Dyrehaven on borrowed horses.One night in 1999 I sat in front of my fireplace and dreamed about Icelandic horses. As an adult I had started to ride on borrowed Icelandic horses. There in front of the fireplace I realized that I could have my own horse, my OWN horse. When I went to buy a horse, it was difficult to decide which one of the many I should buy, so I bought two! That is how it all started. I have ever since expanded my settlement which is only inhabited with Icelandic horses. I still have one of my two first horses. Her name is Kinna and she is 26 years old. She is the strongest among the group and rules over the others.

I have decided to commit even more seriously to spend more time with horses. I wish to share with others the same joy and experience I have with horses. Now I can offer my service and focus on providing a wonderful experience for my customers – in fresh air and beautiful nature.

My mission is to give you an unforgettable experience with Midtfynsturridning.

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